Whole House Water Filter Malaysia

wholehouse water filtration malaysia

A whole house water filter in Malaysia is an absolute necessity to remove large and small sediments in the water supply. Otherwise, water piping in the house can be clogged with sediments causing low water pressure and brownish water 

An outdoor, whole house water filtration system filters the main water supply pipeline before it enters a home.

It greatly helps to remove suspended solids such as dirt, rust, sand and grit, providing cleaner water for every tap in the house

An outdoor water filter helps to extend the life of household appliances such as washing machines, water heaters, dishwashers and of course ;water purifiers.

Malaysia’s water supply line while treated has old piping infrastructures that are old and causing sediment and rust build up. While pipe lines are slowly replaced by the municipal council, there is a need sediment filtration system.

wholehouse water filter malaysia

SHINE Whole House Water Filter

Cleaner Water with PVDF UF Membrane Filter (Polyvinylidene Fluoride Ultrafiltration)
The PVDF hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane provides superior filtration, chemical resistance and improved hydrophilicity (high water absorption rate; absorbing the sediments)!

Filtration ability is up to 0.01 micron, enough to remove bacteria or viruses if present.

– Super Compact Outdoor Water Filter
Only 3.91kg and 70% slimmer as compared to other point-of-entry models. Keep your outdoor space looking clean and tidy.

– Rigid Stainless Steel Structure
A nice steel finishing while protecting the it against outdoor conditions.

– Auto Flushing Device (AFV)
With the automatic timed flushing device, it will performed a scheduled backwash. Hassle free maintenance. (NOTE: AFV device is optional)

– Affordable rental and purchase rates
Great prices as compared to other rental brands


  • 3 year plan : RM100/month
  • Free servicing and filter replacement every 6 months
  • 1 year plan: RM2,200
  • 3 year plan: RM2,600
  • Free servicing and filter replacement every 6 months
  • For follow up services and parts replacement after plan has ended; there will be a RM420/year membership.


wholehouse water filtration malaysia
SK Magic Shine
wholehouse water filtration malaysia