Water Filter for Condo Malaysia


Water filter for condo and apartment in Malaysia can be quite bulky taking up a lot of space. You want to have kitchen space for other kitchen appliances too. So how do you maximize your countertop space?

The solution to this is JIKSOO or tankless!

With a width size of only 17cm, it’s a size of a pen. The water filter will fit on any countertop or pantry! This frees up your kitchen countertop for other essential kitchen equipment.

Even in such compact water purifier, you get up to 7 water temperatures

RM125/month for 5 years rental

RM95/month for 5 years rental

JIKSOO Mini (only Ambient temperature)
RM64/month for 5 years rental

water filter for condo malaysia
water filter for condo malaysia

The JIKSOO Mini is even more compact at 9.2cm for a water filter condo design.

If you’re comfortable with just ambient water (and a nifty WiFi ability if you like to check on water consumption), then it’s a right fit your kitchen especially if you have a kitchen design like this customer. 

The water purifier ought to be a device that delivers  clean hot, cold and warm water; without unnecessarily taking up too much pantry space. JIKSOO or tankless technology meets such need: combining the best water filtration, multiple temperatures all in a compact water filter device.

No more having to deal with a ugly, bulky water purifier ruining the beauty of your kitchen countertop!

JIKSOO Hyper Rose Gold