UV Light Water Filter Purifier Malaysia


So how does a UV Water Filter Purifier benefit for you?

For a water purifier, there are two places that has the most exposure to bacteria: the water tab and water tab.

The reason for this is because in a stagnant and wet environment, bacteria and algae tends to grow. This is where UV-C wave light comes into play. Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation is what used to disinfect food and water. It destroys bacteria, viruses and mold by interrupting DNA sequence.

SK Magic Malaysia UV light water filter purifier that ensures bacteria are 99% removed giving the water tank and water tap a clean, hygienic environment.

How Does UV Light Function for a Water Filter Purifier?

UV light or germicidal lamps can be used in a water tank and tab, where it where it will kill any potential bacteria in it. Parasites which are resistant even to chemical disinfectants, have been shown to be efficiently reduced by UV-C light.

For a water purifier, the UV light is placed at the water tank and water tab. This keeps bacteria count to a minimum.

The water tank tends to have the most potential bacterial growth as water is stagnant, creating an environment for microorganisms to grow.

For SK Magic’s water purifiers, the UV light is programmed to run automatically. Zero fuss on your end.

Is UV-C Wave safe for water?

It is completely safe. All purifiers are designed in a way where the UV light is contained within the water purifier. There is no known harm to humans when consuming food and water sterilized by UV-C Wave light.

It is also used in food and drink production by some companies to achieve cleanliness set by food safety administrations.

Advantages of UV Light for water purifier use:

  • No added taste and odor
  • Free of chemical use
  • Low power
  • Low maintenance (can last indefinitely)
  • Highly effective against pathogens and other forms of dangerous microorganism

The latest additional tech in water purifying is UV Safe Care. Moist and wet environments creates an environment where potential microbes can grow. UV Wave-C light is used to safely sterilize potential bacteria preventing any algae and biofilms from growing in tank and on the tap. 

This creates a hygienic environment where water can be safely stored.  Combined with food grade, stainless steel 304 water tank, and Nanotech filters; cleaning and maintenance is only done once every 4 months

All the great functions from only RM100 to RM120/month!

Is there a way to achieve high levels of purification without UV light?

The only way to cut down bacteria tremendously is to remove the biggest factor: the water tank. As mentioned, bacteria in a stagnant water environment tends to grow. So, the best type of water purifier; does without a tank.

SK Magic JIKSOO concept uses Stainless Steel Waterway to dispense the water after being filtered. Removing the tank not only reduces potential bacteria, but also reduces the water purifier size significantly (17cm width).

With a size so compact, you can fit on any kitchen island or countertop.