Twin Air Purifier (ACL-V32)

The Twin Air Purifier (ACL-V32) is the most powerful air purifier with a rental of only RM140 per month for the biggest air coverage of 1137 square feet. This model quite possibly beats every other air purifier out there! It’s hollow design creates an effect where air is strongly blown in a direction (venturi effect); quickly purifying the room. The Twin model also comes with dual filters and motor making it incredibly efficient.

  • 3 year plan : RM205/month
  • 5 year plan: RM140/month
  • Free servicing and filter replacement every 2 months
Outright Purchase
  • 1 year plan: RM4,800
  • 3 year plan: RM5,800
  • Free servicing and filter replacement every 2 months
  • For follow up services and parts replacement after plan has ended; there will be a RM660/year membership.


A Twin “Engine” Air Purifier

Double the Purification

2 motors, 2 fans, and 8 filters.


Touch free A.I, automatic purification

Venturi Effect

Strong concentrated air flow

Light Signal

Color lights display air quality

Smart Design

Mid hollow design creates a venturi effect where air flow is significantly increased through a narrow area

Convenient Use

Hidden Moving Wheels

Aesthetically hidden moving wheels for convenience and style

Intuitive Display

Dimming lights that allows you to differ air quality clearly from a distance (Blue = Good, Green = Moderate, Orange = Bad and Red = Very Bad)

Iot Smart App

Get the app to monitor air quality

Quiet Mode

Quietness when you don’t need full power

Power Saving Performance

Minimal noise allows you to enjoy purified air without excess noise in the background. No distraction while you’re sleeping, working or studying

Filtering System

Double the filters, double the motor. Double the power!

Pre-filter (Washable)

Removes large dusts and hair.

Dust Filter (4 months)

Improves removing performance by filtering small to medium size dusts.

Deodorizing Filter (12 months)

Removes bad odor, formaldehyde and 
bad air from newly constructed buildings
(sick building syndrome or SBS) and other volatile organic compounds (VOC)

HEPA filter (12 months)

Removes dust particles (PM2.5/1.0)
as well as pollen, pet dander, 
mold spores below PM0.3.


COVERAGE 1137 sqft
POWER SUPPLY AC 220~240V / 50Hz
DIMENSION (MM) W445 x D450 x H875