SK Magic Water Purifier Malaysia

Why You Should Choose SK Magic’s Water Dispenser Over Other Brands

JIK.SOO means “Never Stagnant. Clean, Pure and Full of Minerals”

SK Magic’s JIK.SOO concept does not use water tanks. The problem with old tank methods is that bacteria tends to grow in a wet and moist environment. Even after filtration, small amounts of bacteria can grow over time. Bio-films have been found in water purifier tanks and external storage tanks. There’s a reason why tanks need to be steam cleaned frequently.

PP plastic tanks. This is how dirty the tanks get when it is not cleaned frequently enough. All the sediments and algae is built up.

PP plastic tanks. Even after cleaning, there can be hard stains on it. Not the kind of water you want your family to drink!

JIK.SOO concept eliminates this problem by removing the tank completely and water is filtered immediately for drinking. This is possible by using 304 Stainless Steel Waterway that prevents water from stagnating while giving hot, cold or ambient temperature.

In this case there is no need for frequent services where it can take up your personal time. Service is only once every 4 months to perform the cleaning for the JIK.SOO and Water-room models.

Other brands do not practice JIK.SOO concept or they charge you too high for it. One brand charge as high as RM160 per month! SK Magic gives you the same benefit with a low price of RM70 to RM120.

SK Magic uses Food Grade, Stainless Steel Tank and UV Light

Some brands still use P.P plastic for water storage. Plastic tanks are the worst choice in water storage. Bacteria filled, bio-film grows on the wall and plastics get stained very hard. Even after scrubbing it, you can still see the algae colour sticking on it. There is a reason why other brands must come so often to service the dispenser; to clean the tank! Plastic tanks have been shown to harbor more bacteria than stainless steel tanks.

UV light for the water-room

UV light for the water tab

If you’re opting for water-room (tank) model, SK Magic has UV light (ultraviolet) that is pre-programmed to sterilize the tank frequently to kill 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and mold spores. You are guaranteed safe, clean drinking water every time! In fact, ALL our models have UV light and water-room models uses food grade, stainless steel tanks.

Not only for the water-room but there’s also UV on the water tab where water is dispensed. That’s because the water tab is also a potential bacteria breeding place.

No other brand has this sterilization combo and for a great price!

Free Parts Replacement

The sediment and carbon filters are replaced every 4 months and Nanotech filter is replaced every 12 months. Not only that, SK Magic will replace parts like water tabs, pipes and connectors every 12 months! More value for you as the user.

Free Replacement of Water Pipe

Free Replacement of Water Tab

Free Replacement of Connector Tube

We Promise No Marketing Gimmicks

We do not try to fool you by using other ‘fancy name’ filters that does nothing at all but waste your money. Mild alkaline? You have to ask yourself what that even means and whether it makes a difference to your body.

R.O water? Your body needs minerals to function, R.O process takes away all the beneficial minerals. You only consume R.O water daily IF you have health issues.

SK Magic uses 100% Nanotech filters that removes harmful microorganisms, and you consume the benefits of minerals. That’s why we are confident in using the full term. You as the consumer will get what you’re paying for. No marketing gimmicks.

How SK Magic Serves You Better

So, you’re looking for a water purifier and deciding which brand and model to go for. You need to decide on a few things like: what is the making the water clean, how often are the parts replaced, what type of filters are used and of course what is the rental fee like.

Sure there are other brands out there but none can compete in price and features. SK Magic water purifier gives out the best benefits for the best price.

What’s wrong with our water supply? Dirty pipes and tanks are making your drinking water dirty!

Our water treatment plants in Malaysia have thoroughly cleaned the water supply, we meet more than the World Health Organization (WHO) standard. The real problem lies in old asbestos-cement water piping and uncleaned storage tanks. Old pipes have sediments like sand and mud built up over time.

That’s why when there’s water shortages, you will normally see brown water coming out of your taps.  The Malaysia Water Association (MWA) has stated that over 40,000km of water piping needs to be replaced!

A spokesperson for Malaysia Water Forum states that sediments can become breeding places for bacteria like e-coli, coliform and legionella in the water supply. When water is stagnant in tanks, bacteria will start to grow. Bacteria filled bio-films are commonly found in water tanks when not cleaned frequently.

So, there is a strong need for water purification system for homes and offices to remove at least 99% of harmful microorganisms before consumption.

What type of filters I REALLY need for home or office?

For the water supply in Malaysia, you need to be concerned with 2 things: sediment and chlorine. The water supply in your home contains chlorine that was used to sterilize the water; and sediments which are caused by old pipes and unclean water storage. Chlorine is necessary in water treatment plants to kill any virus or bacteria 

So, sediment and carbon filters are the necessary standard in removing sediments and chlorine taste and smell.

SK Magic also uses Nanotech filters. The purpose of Nanotech filter is to remove potential bacteria and virus while allowing healthy minerals to pass through. The filter material is made from 100% Nano Alumina Fiber, Powder Activated Carbon. It is not mixed with other ‘filler’ materials