SK Magic  Review & Testimonial

Corporate Clients Served

I had to dispose of a water purifier that I had used for 10 years and rent it for a new one. SK Magic is a great choice. I usually take water warm so I would use the preset baby temperature water. For coffee, you can choose the hot water option so it’s easy. One of the convenient features is that I get to dispense a pre-selected amount. I have been renting it for about a month and I really like everything about it.

What I liked is the excellent filter technology using Nanotech filters and stainless steel tubes. It preserves the minerals while improving water purification. I also like the adjustable water tap where I can fill up different cup and jar height.

I chose SK Magic Hyper because of its stainless steel pipe and the convenience to choose from different water temperatures. The purifier also has different water dispensing amount. The UV light makes the water tab clean of bacteria

Very prompt and quick attention from Brandon. He is patient in answering my many questions . What I’m impressed is his ability to think from the customer’s point of view and provided constructive solution immediately. Of course I’m also happy with the machine thus far. It meets my expectation of being tankless with UV light function, slim + sleek design with water temperatures control.

Recent concerns of micro plastics in water and food supply has gotten me worried. So I came across SK Magic and found out that the water piping is all stainless steel. There is also UV light that will sterilize any bacteria on the tap.

Loving the purifier and it’s different temperature settings. Thank you so much for the great service and detailed explanation through the entire process.

I recently rented SK Magic and felt it’s a great improvement. It’s different from other water purifiers as the water piping is made of stainless steel. The hot water comes with different temperatures for baby formulas, tea and ramen. It’s mighty useful!

Chose Hyper purifier because of the great price and features. I like the slim design as compared to other brands. Thank you for the service, Brandon.