SK magic Promotion (2022)

Get the latest updates in SK magic promotion for water and air purifiers. Enjoy 3 years, 5 years or 7 years rental plan, or outright purchases depending on current promotion for 2022.

JIKSOO Rich and JIKSOO Hyper Super 5 Promo. Get great tasting water as awarded by the International Taste Institute, Brussel. Lower rental rates for 5 years plan as compared to normal!

Super 7 Rental Promo.  Rent for 7 years at lower rental price for JIKSOO Hyper (Silver), JIKSOO Mini, JIKSOO Ria, WIZ-C and Air Top.

JIKSOO Hyper Hello magic Trade In Promo. Exchange your current water purifier (must be water filter type with hot/cold function). Get a discounted rate of only RM85/month for 7 years rental!

+ 1 Service for Outright Purchase. Get an additional 1 year serivce when you go for outright purchase. Saves you more!

JIKSOO Rich and JIKSOO Hyper promo

All Clean Virus Fit, Goodbye Virus Promo! Get a introductory price for Contacless or Regular Service type.

Clean Water, Clean Air Combo Promo!

Corporate Rental Deals. Companies get to enjoy a special discounted rate. Get these purifiers for the office for a clean air and water. The WIZ-R is made for a large number of staff and the Air Twin can coverage a large air space.

Outright Purchase Mega Deal.  Get 30% discount for outright purchase! Applicable to WIZ-S, WIZ-R and Air Twin

Combo Rental Promo (7 years rental). Combine your Air Top with either WIZ-C, JIKSOO Ria and JIKSOO Hyper for a value for money rental plan.

30% Off Mega Deal Promo. For Motion and JIKSOO Rapi.

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