Save 252% of Your Water Purifier Electric Bill and Fit on any Kitchen Countertop: only with JIKSOO Tankless

Goodbye Old Tank, Hello JIKSOO Tankless

JIKSOO Tankless

Here's how SK magic Serves You Better With JIKSOO Tankless

  • Did You Know Stagnant Water in a Tank Causes Bacterial Growth? No Tank, No Bacteria Growth.
  • JIKSOO's Ice Bank and Hot Ceramic Tech delivers INSTANT Hot and Cold Water
  • UV Light That Keeps Your Water Purifier Safe From Bacteria & Viruses
  • Can Fit On Any Kitchen Island or Countertop! Only 17cm to 21cm Width 
  • Multiple Temperatures Without a Water Tank! The JIKSOO Way
  • Save up to 252% of your electricity on water purifiers! (based on 5 liters hot and 5 liters cold per day, per month)
  • Beautiful Minimalism. Say Good Riddance to Fat, Bulky Water Purifiers!

Only RM105/month for 5 years rental! JIKSOO Hyper model (trade-in)

Why High Volume Water Purifier is a Bad Choice

The are 2 main reasons why high volume water tank is a bad choice:

1) High Electricity Consumption: Bigger water tanks mean more electric is used to heat and cool water. Energy is wasted every minute to maintain temperature.

2) Tank Contamination: Bacteria grows when water is stagnant. Especially in hot water tanks where scale deposits are hardened

How JIKSOO Tankless is cleaner than tank?

Bacteria ,algae and bio-films are built up over time in water tanks due to stagnation.

JIKSOO Tankless: No tank, no bacteria growth.

The problem with water tanks is that when water remains stagnant or there is an absence of flow; sediments or bacteria filled bio-films  and algae (i.e Legionella) will grow at the bottom and on the tank walls.

It’s just how bacteria growth will naturally occur even in a closed environment. It does not matter whether it’s reverse osmosis water or mineral water. When water is stagnant, bacteria will thrive.

Based on World Health Organization's (WHO) study. Even when water has been filtered, bacteria can grow in a water storage tank within 24 hours.

Even when water tanks are needed, a UV light (UV-C wave) must be used to sterilize any potential bacteria.

SK Magic's JIK.SOO tankless concept removes the water tank out of the equation and uses Stainless Steel Waterway to immediately dispense mineral water, without any storage.  And you can get to have up to 7 temperatures in a nice compact width of only 17cm to 21cm.

Superior Grade Stainless Steel 304 Delivers Clean Water 

JIKSOO Tankless

Water will never be stagnant.  Only delivers water on demand.

Almost zero risk of bacterial growth.

Anti-corrosion 304 stainless steel waterway. 

Instant water dispensing - no tank to wait for it to be filled!

What is the best way to remove Bacteria & Viruses on the Water Tab?
UV-C Safe Care.

Cells infected with H1N1 virus (green colour) placed under UV-C light shows the virus being destroyed.

SK Magic's UV-Safe Care has a built in germ-killing UV-C wave light. It is commonly used in hospitals and sterile facilities where bacteria count must be kept extremely low.

How does UV Safe Care work? The UV light breaks the DNA sequence in bacteria and viruses, destroying it in the process of being exposed.

Contamination Area. Office water purifier where they fill tea and coffee often. Splatter stains on the water tab.

Gym Water Purifier where bottles tend to be placed on the water tab

Also. Don't You Just Hate How Most  Water Purifiers are Fat & Bulky?

Yes. You know that you need a water purifier for your home but don't want it to take too much space and look too bulky for your nice kitchen countertop.

Well, SK Magic's JIKSOO Hyper saves you the space and delivers clean, mineral water with all the temperature you need!

If you're gonna pay for a good water purifier, it must provide you with quality benefits and saves you the space!

SK Magic's JIK.SOO tankless concept removes the water tank out of the equation and uses Stainless Steel Waterway to immediately dispense water, without any large storage

 You can  have up to 7 temperatures in a nice compact width of only 17cm to 21cm and without any ugly bulk. True Compact Minimalism.

The Ultimate Solution to Clean Water: JIKSOO Tankless

The JIKSOO Concept  will save your electric bill and kitchen countertop space, provide clean water. While giving protection against bacteria and viruses.” 

SK Magic bridges the gap between Price and Benefits

By choosing SK Magic you'll get the best benefits:

Free Parts & Service

We will provide servicing every 2 months for optimum cleanliness. 

Better Value Benefits for Money

With JIKSOO Tankless Technology. Your purifier electric bill will only be about RM4.77/month as compared to a RM12.06 of traditional tanks.

That's a whopping 252% electric saving! (based on 5 liters hot and 5 liters cold per day, monthly)

 Nanotech Filter Material: The Best Filtration

Nanotech filter is what removes bacteria and viruses while still allowing minerals to flow through for consumption. NASA also uses the same material.

Where is SK magic from?

SK Magic is a subsidary of SK Group, a Korean Fortune 500 company with market assets of USD258 billion. SK Group is in involved in telecommuncations, semiconductors, oil and gas, car rental and manufacturing.

First-rated brand recognized by customers; SK Magic Inc. has built up world-class competitiveness and is taking steps toward to be the world’s No. 1. SK Magic Inc. has enhanced the recognition of its brand by winning awards such as, CES Innovation Awards and Korea Consumer Awards


SK Magic’s innovative water purifier won The Brand Laureate SMEs BestBrands Awards 2018-2019 in Consumer – Water Purifier category

SK Magic Halal Certificate

Halal Certificate

How SK magic Adds the 'magic' For You

The SK magic Service

From Production to Installation and After-Sales Service

SK provides an All-in-One  Rental Service provided for both air and water purifier.  

Outreaching Care-Service from SK Magic

NO Registration fees. FREE installation on selected dates. FREE disposal service and extensive follow-up

Nationwide Infrastructure

Nation-wide coverage for quick installation and  After-Sales Service

Outstanding Management with
our Professional Team

Top notch scheduled-maintenance service with no hassle


Recent concerns of micro plastics in water and food supply has gotten me worried. So I came across SK Magic and found out that the water piping is all stainless steel. There is also UV light that will sterilize any bacteria on the tap.

I’m glad there’s a convenient child safety button for kids to dispense water. The tank-less water purifier is a sleek, clean design and takes less space.

I recently rented SK Magic and felt it’s a great improvement. It’s different from other water purifiers as the water piping is made of stainless steel. The hot water comes with different temperatures for baby formulas, tea and ramen. It’s mighty useful!

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