How This Compact Hot and Cold Water Dispenser Serves You Better for an Even Better Price!

Here's how SK Magic Serves You Better

  • UV Light Sterilizer on All Models. To Remove 99% of bacteria
  • Free Parts Replacement every 12 months (e.g water piping, filter connection tubes & water tab)
  • Premium Features at a Low Price! As Low as RM85 per month! (with promo offer)
  • Nanotech Filters. Removes Bacteria while allowing Minerals to pass through
  • No Water Gimmicks. Just Clean Mineral Water.

Limited promo of RM95/month for 5 years rental (Hyper)!


So You're Comparing Brands for Water Purifiers.
The Problem is Some Brands' Price is Too High for the Features.

While some rental brands can be as low as RM70/month (hot and cold model), you are tied down to a 7 year plan! That's as long as a car loan!

With that in mind, you have to ask yourself, "What value am I paying for?" 

With SK Magic, the minimum rental is 3 years  with a maximum rental years is 5 years (for promo price).

If you're gonna pay for a good water purifier, it must provide you with quality benefits!

“What you need is just clean, mineral water. No R.O water. No Alkaline. Mineral water is what your body needs to function optimally.”

SK Magic bridges the gap between Price and Benefits

By choosing SK Magic you'll get the best benefits:

Free Parts Replacement

We will replace parts , such as the water tab, pipe, filter connection tube and padding every 12 months for optimum cleanliness. Other brands has yet to offer this service

Better Value Benefits for Money

In terms of price SK Magic completely wins at feature to price ratio. For the premium features and benefits, you’re only paying RM100 to RM120 per month as compared to RM140 (C***y) and RM160 (C****o). Even the outright purchase is the lowest for SK Magic.

100% Nanotech Filter Material

Nanotech filter is what removes bacteria and viruses while still allowing minerals to flow through for consumption. We can use the term “Nanotech” fully because it is truly 100% Nanotech material With SK Magic you get what you’re paying for!


I had to dispose of a water purifier that I had used for 10 years and rent it for a new one. SK Magic is a great choice. I usually take water warm so I would use the preset baby temperature water. For coffee, you can choose the hot water option so it's easy. One of the convenient features is that I get to dispense a pre-selected amount. I have been renting it for about a month and I really like everything about it.

What I liked is the excellent filter technology using Nanotech filters and stainless steel tubes. It preserves the minerals while improving water purification. I also like the adjustable water tap where I can fill up different cup and jar height.

I chose SK Magic Hyper because of its stainless steel pipe and the convenience to choose from different water temperatures. The purifier also has different water dispensing amount. The UV light makes the water extra clean.

Installation was done in two days after purchase! The silver color is so nice and clean! The installer kindly explained to the functions. 100% satisfied

How does SK Magic Compare to Other Brands?

"All water purifiers models have  UV light sterilizer and for price to benefits; no other brand can beat SK Magic"

What you need is a hot,cold and warm water purifier that can filter out sediments and remove harmful bacteria while allowing minerals to pass through.


Model: O***k




  • Cold Water: 2.3 litre
  • Hot Water: 3.4 litre
  • Ambient Water: 7.8 litre
  • UV Water Tap Sterilization
  • Child safety lock
  • External Water Outlet
  • 50°C, 60°C, 70°C, 80°C, 90°C
  • Water Volume selection

Model:  P****e T*p




  • Cold Water: Tankless
  • Hot Water: Tankless
  • Ambient Water: Tankless
  • 40°C, 50°C, 60°C, 70°C
  • Water Volume Selection

Want to Compare with other models? SK Magic still wins out!


Model: V**L**M II


120.00 / month

  • Cold Water: 3.7 litre
  • Hot Water: 1.2 litre
  • Ambient Water: 6.4 litre
  • Child Safety Lock
  • User Friendly Knob
  • Temperature and Water Indicator

Model:  F*S**N T*P


98.00 / month

  • Cold Water: 2.0 litre
  • Hot Water: 1.4 litre
  • Ambient Water: None


SK Magic’s innovative water purifier won The Brand Laureate SMEs BestBrands Awards 2018-2019 in Consumer – Water Purifier category

SK Magic Halal Certificate

Halal Certificate

What SK Magic Does for You

The SK Magic Service

From Production to Installation and After-Sales Service

All-in-one  Rental Service provided for products. SK Magic will look after your purifiers

Outreaching Care-Service from SK Magic

NO Registration fees. FREE installation on selected dates. FREE disposal service and extensive follow-up

Nationwide Infrastructure

Nation-wide coverage for quick installation and  After-Sales Service

Outstanding Management with
our Professional Team

Top notch scheduled-maintenance service with no hassle


Recent concerns of micro plastics in water and food supply has gotten me worried. So I came across SK Magic and found out that the water piping is all stainless steel. There is also UV light that will sterilize any bacteria on the tap.

I’m glad there’s a convenient child safety button for kids to dispense water. The tank-less water purifier is a sleek, clean design and takes less space.

I recently rented SK Magic and felt it’s a great improvement. It’s different from other water purifiers as the water piping is made of stainless steel. The hot water comes with different temperatures for baby formulas, tea and ramen. It’s mighty useful!

Awesome and speedy service.There is also major parts replacements every 12 months. I like the new tech.

WIZ-C and S



SK Magic WIZ C (Countertop)
  • RM100/month (RM110 for stnding) 
  • Food Grade, Stainless Steel Water-Room
  • UV Light for Water-Room and Water Tab
  • Hot and Cold. Ambient uses external faucet
  • Hottest temperature can reach 95°C
SK Magic JIKSOO Hyper Malaysia
  • RM120/month
  • UV Light for Water Tab
  • Hot, Cold and Ambient
  • 6 Temperatures
  • Pen Width Size
  • Magnetic Tray (Easy snap on and snap off)
  • Child Safety Button
  • Smart Water Dispensing
  • Optimized Temperature for Baby Formula
  • Multiple Hot Temperature
JIK.SOO Mini Malaysia
  • RM70/month
  • UV Light for Water Tab
  • Ambient
  • Pen Width Size
  • Magnetic Tray (Easy snap on and snap off)
  • Child Lock
  • Smart Water Dispensing


Registration Fees





Free Service

Up to 5 years rental





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Limited promo of RM95/month for 5 years rental! (Hyper)


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