This Home Air Purifier Outperforms other Brands
(and for better Value!)

SK Magic Motion Air Purifier

Here's how you'll benefit from SK Magic

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    More Air Space Coverage VS Other Brands
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    IoT WiFi Smartphone Connection
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    Real Money For Value! As Low as RM80 per month!

So You're Comparing Brands for Air Purifiers.
The Problem is Most Brands Do Not Cover Enough Air Space for Your Home

Most brands unfortunately do not even cover 1000 square feet. Even the ones that cost RM2000 do not even touch 500 square feet.

With that in mind, you have to ask yourself what will you be paying for?

If you're gonna pay for a good air purifier, it better be covering your whole home!

“What's the point of paying for an air purifier that does not cover the entirety of your home? Most brands cover less than 1000 sqft. You need at least 1500 sqft of air purifying coverage

SK Magic bridges the gap between price and performance

By choosing SK Magic you'll get the best benefits:

​Largest Air Purifying Coverage

Our models covers more air space when compared to other brands. Pay for better air coverage. Our lowest space coverage is 1600 square  feet and highest is 3410 square feet. Try to compare with rental and non-rental brands; you will find that ours gives the most air purifying coverage. Which means more value for your money!

Better Value Benefits for Money

With great functions like WiFi device connection, large air space coverage, smart sensors and moving wheels. You are paying for the best conveniences and benefits. No other rental brands can match in value!

​I.O.T WiFi Connection

SK Magic's app allows you to turn on your air purifier even before you get home! Prep your home with WiFi anywhere outside and come home to clean air.

How do SK Magic Compare to Other Brands?

"We cover at least 1600 sqft and the highest being 3410 sqft"

Putting every other extra functions aside. What you need is an air purifier that has HEPA filter and is able to cover a large area .


Model: L****k 2




  • Coverage: 607 sqft
  • Air Quality Detection
  • Plasma Barrier
  • HEPA filter

Model:  C M***l




  • Coverage: 402 sqft
  • Air Quality Detectinthon
  • Ionizer
  • HEPA filter

Want to Compare with other non-rental brands? SK Magic still wins out!


Model: KCG60**



  • Coverage: 538 sqft
  • HEPA filter

Model:  H**300



  • Coverage: 465 sqft
  • HEPA filter


I like the modern compact design of the Motion air purifier. It suits well with my home’s color theme and sits nicely in a square area. I’m satisfied with the Smart Motion function

I’m concerned about fine dusts in my home especially for my children. I decided to go with Motion air purifier because of its’ motion detection function and ionizer.

What SK Magic Does for You:


 Largest Air Coverage of any branded Air Purifiers

"Our largest air purification coverage is 3,410 sqft. That's twice the size of a condo unit"

For the price you're paying you ought to get the most effective air purifier you can get.

Easy App Function to Activate Purifier

"Turn on your Air Purifier before you even reach home. Reached back home with already purified air!"

The SK Magic Service

From Production to Installation and After-Sales Service

All-in-one  Rental Service provided for products. SK Magic will look after your purifiers

Outreaching Care-Service from SK Magic

NO Registration fees. FREE installation on selected dates. FREE disposal service
and extensive follow-up

Nationwide Infrastructure

Nation-wide coverage for quick installation and  After-Sales Service

Outstanding Management with
our professional team

Top notch scheduled-maintenance service with no hassle




twin air purifier sk magic malaysia
  • RM130/month
  • Coverage: 3410 square feet
  • Twin 'Engine' Purifier (Double filters)
  • Ventury Effect (increased  air velocity)
  • Silent Mode
  • Eco Mode
  • IoT Smart Control
  • Hidden Moving Wheels

SK Magic Motion Air Purifier
  • RM110/month
  • Coverage: 1600 square feet
  • 4 Sensors (Fine Particle, Gas, Temperature & Humidity)
  • Smart Motion Detection 
  • 3 Levels Air Purifying Pop-up
  • 3 side simultaneous air suction (wider air purification)
  • Ionizer
  • IoT Smart Control
  • Hidden Moving Wheels
top air purifier sk magic
  • RM80/month
  • Coverage: 1700 square feet
  • Tower Type Design
  • Front Suction
  • Automatic open/close air door
  • IoT Smart Control
  • Hidden Moving Wheels


I have asthma so I need to monitor air quality levels constantly. With the SK Magic app, it makes it easy to track air quality. The wheels also make it easy to move around when I need to.

Took a while to compare air purifiers. Chose SK Magic's Top because the price is economical for the air space it can cover. Light color changes on the purifier so that you can monitor air quality from a distance. And it looks stylish too.

A functional air purifier with WiFi ability and nicely designed elements. The motion detection detects dust and purifies the air towards it. The dot LED status will show the air quality, humidity and temperature. The 3 stage pop-up for different air purification is a nice feature. The app also adds air quality statistics for me to check.


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