JIK.SOO Rapi (WPU-A400D)

JIK.SOO Rapi (WPU-A400D) is another compact model by SK Magic that is made for the whole family.  Tank-less translates to non-stagnant water, free of any potential bacteria. In addition to that, you have the UV light that will provide 99.9% sterilization. You have the convenient touch option of cold, hot and ambient. The child safety button only permits ambient water to prevent accidents. Infant milk temperature options comes 3 settings which makes your baby care task so much easier!

  • 3 year plan : RM180/month
  • 5 year plan: RM120/month
  • Free servicing and filter replacement every 2 months
Outright Purchase
  • 1 year plan: RM4,300
  • 3 year plan: RM4,900
  • Free servicing and filter replacement every 2 months
  • For follow up services and parts replacement after plan has ended; there will be a RM540/year membership.


JIK.SOO Rapi: The Water Purifier Solution for The Family

JIK.SOO Design

Tank-less, non-stagnant water

UV Safe Care

Self cleaning feature with UV light sterilization

 Nanotech  Filters

Filters out sediments and harmful elements


 Baby Temperature

No more guessing the right temperature for your baby’s bottle. 


 Child Safety Lock

Keeps children safe from hot water


JIK.SOO has Cold, Hot and Ambient Temperature at a Touch

Only a pen size width, JIK.SOO Rapi has the convenience of various temperatures. Space saving!

UV Light Safe Care

Water Tab Sterilization

Every 2 hour Automatic Sterilization

Safe Till The Last Drop

Harmless UV-C Waves sterilizes 99% of harmful microbes for safe drinking water

Comfortable Baby Water Temperature

Baby Milk Formula That’s Perfect

The exact temperature for baby milk powders

Easy Temperature Selection

Select 45°C, 50°C, or 55°C 

Why 45°C to 55°C?

Baby powder formulas loses nutritional value above 55°C and infants

will feel it’s too hot above that threshold. So we recommend a mid
range of 50°C to avoid powder clumping.

Convenience at a Touch

Easy Display Selection

Dispense control, temperature selection and child lock at a single touch

Child Friendly Button

Easy to reach button for children. ONLY dispenses room temperature for children’s safety

Large Cold Water Capacity

Able to deliver 3 liters of cold water in just 10 seconds

Compact size of 17cm

Limited kitchen or pantry space? No problem. Compact design is where JIK.SOO Rapi is at.


SK Magic’s Water Filter System

Nano filter technology  that filters out viruses, bacteria and heavy metals while allowing minerals to pass through. Mineral water is the one that your body needs.

Sediment 12″ (4 months)

Removes large sediments such as sand, rust and dust.

Carbon Block 12″ (4 months) 

Removes chlorine smell and taste while also removing harmful organic compounds. Also acts as a second layer of sediment removal.

Nanotech PAC 12″ (20 months) 

Nanotech Powder Activated Carbon removes harmful microorganisms like bacteria and norovirus while allowing useful minerals to pass through for consumption


TYPE Countertop
POWER CONSUMPTION Hot – 2,900W (instant heater)
COOLING SYSTEM Compressor heat exchange
TAB 1 Tab for Ambient, Hot and Cold 
POWER SUPPLY AC 220~240V / 50Hz
DIMENSION (MM) W170 X D490 X H390

Need a bigger water capacity for a large office or other public area. Check out the WIZ Countertop and Standing