JIKSOO Ice Malaysia

What is JIKSOO Ice? It is when water is extracted directly from the Nanotech filters to create clean ice. The JIKSOO Rich is a 2-in-1 water dispenser and ice maker combo that combines tankless water purifier and ice making technology. Mighty convenient especially when you have a house party and need to cater to your guests.

Large Capacity of Ice (750g). No more going out to buy ice!

The JIKSOO Rich model has a capacity that is able to cater to family or house guests who are craving for ice cold drinks. It takes only 15 to 20 minutes to fill up the ice tank.

So, no more running out to convenience store just to get ice!

Countertop Space Saving with a Width of 25.5cm for JIKSOO Rich

Concerned about your beautiful kitchen countertop space? JIKSOO Rich with all the water and ice features only needs a width space of only 25.5cm.

Do more in your kitchen, with a smaller water purifier.

Multiple Water Temperature for Every Kind of Beverages

Need a cold drink or want to make your favorite tea and coffee? The Tea temperature has already been set to a perfect 70°C, so you can enjoy your drink immediately without waiting too long to cool down.

The Hot function is at 90°C for your coffee or even noodles

Baby Temperature for the Milk or As the Perfect Warm Water

With the baby temperature, you do not have to mix hot and cold anymore. You have the option of choosing 3 temperatures of 45°C, 50°C and 55°C.

UV-Safe Care to Keep Bacteria Away

UV light is used to keep the water tab and ice tank free of any bacteria. You are ensured safe drinking water and ice every time.