Home Ice Maker Malaysia

Home Ice Maker Malaysia

¬†GuardA good home ice maker in Malaysia, is one that sufficiently provides ice cubes in a clean environment. That’s what JIKSOO Rich does.

– Large Ice Storage. Great For House Parties.
Up to 750 grams of ice that constantly refills. About 80 large size cubes for this home ice machine.

– Keeping Your Ice Clean. No More Sharing Meat Freezer with Ice!
UV light sterilizer that cleans that ice tank of any bacteria or viruses. You get clean ice every time! No exposure to bacteria sources and no more sharing the freezer space with meats and ice near each other!

– Liquid Backsplash Guard from Ice Drops
Ice guard tab prevents liquids from splashing  back to the ice maker mouth.

– Convenient Ice Size Selection
Prefer smaller ice size? We got large and small ice cubes for you to choose (one full ice tank at a time).

– Combo Perfection
Not only do you get an ice maker but also a water purifier for the price of one!